My Life as a Professional Voiceover Artist (And How You Can Get Started Too)!

by Joe Parisi, Voiceover Artist, & Break Diver (@joeparisi)parisi3

VOICEOVER CREDENTIALS: Joe Parisi’s voice has appeared in radio commercials for McDonald’s, Del Taco, Nest, Baymont Inn, and the list goes on and on.  He is also the host of the Odd Podcast, and recently interviewed Break Diving founder Monroe Mann

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Growing Up At RCA in NYC (Radio Corporation of America)

by Dan Manzano
Project Manager, Inventor, Artist, Actor, Acting Coach, Singer, Voice Over Artist, Comic, & Fitness Trainer, and… Break Diver!


My dad started working at RCA (Radio Corporation of America) shortly after I was born in 1955.  This was a time before everyone had the ability to produce professional quality music recordings at home with computers and sophisticated software.… Read More

Introducing… Jonathan Cheever

Active members of our Break Diving community ( are recognized with a blog post all about that person, in interview format!  If you are an active member of our Break Diving Slack community or are currently enrolled and actively participating in one of our awesome courses, we would love to brag to the world about you!
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Some Lessons Learned from the Golden Years of Hollywood – An Interview with the Great Sammy Petrillo

This article was transcribed and edited from a phone interview in ~2008 with SammyPetrillo by the founder of Break Diving, Inc., Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA.

Living through the golden years of Hollywood was absolutely the apex of my life; it was the most marvelous thing to rub shoulders with the biggest stars of the time—the stars who I looked up to as a kid when I used to go the movie theaters.… Read More

Guerrilla Networking Your Way To The Top

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD
Founder, Break Diving, Inc., & Co-Author, “Guerrilla Networking” with Jay Conrad Levinson
(c) 2008 by Monroe Mann

Note: this article originally appeared on the CNBC Blog at


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