Never Make This Maddening English Language Mistake Ever Again – “Moral Support” vs “Morale Support”

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by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME
Founder, Break Diving, Inc.

It bothers me that 99% of native English speakers don’t even know proper English.

What am I talking about?

Often, I will hear someone say, “I was feeling sad, so my friend gave me some moral support.”  But think about the word ‘moral’.… Read More

You Matter

By: Break Diving, Inc. Staff (With Monroe Mann)

Look at the title again.

This is something that everyone should say to him/herself every single morning:


Sadly, though, positivity towards oneself is something a lot of people neglect to do.… Read More

Growing Up At RCA in NYC (Radio Corporation of America)

by Dan Manzano
Project Manager, Inventor, Artist, Actor, Acting Coach, Singer, Voice Over Artist, Comic, & Fitness Trainer, and… Break Diver!

My dad started working at RCA (Radio Corporation of America) shortly after I was born in 1955.  This was a time before everyone had the ability to produce professional quality music recordings at home with computers and sophisticated software.
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Introducing… Jonathan Cheever

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My Advice To Those In Show Biz – An Interview with Joe Franklin

Interview with Joe Franklin conducted circa 2008 by Break Diving Founder, Monroe Mann

My advice to those who aspire to a spot in the business that there is no business like (the entertainment field) is the following:

  • Get specific.
  • Do not hound everybody.   Instead, set your sites on one or two people and concentrate on those two.
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Some Lessons Learned from the Golden Years of Hollywood – An Interview with the Great Sammy Petrillo

This article was transcribed and edited from a phone interview in ~2008 with SammyPetrillo by the founder of Break Diving, Inc., Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA.

Living through the golden years of Hollywood was absolutely the apex of my life; it was the most marvelous thing to rub shoulders with the biggest stars of the time—the stars who I looked up to as a kid when I used to go the movie theaters.… Read More