Secret Writer

By: Kausar Thahim

A Break Diver in Pakistan

[Edited slightly by staff editors for clarity, paragraphs, and spelling, but in general, the English and grammar remain in the style of the author.]

Once upon a time, there is a girl who lives in a very beautiful valley.

She lives a very joyful life. Her parents are very supportive.

Her parents want to see her as a strong doctor and she is ready to pursue her parents’ dream because she also understood that it is also her dream.

Once her teacher of English gives her a fiction story assignment.

She does her best. For a full night she writes her story about a girl and at last she reached and successfully writes a story.

And her teacher announces the result that she is a great writer.

Her story is full of imaginations and her teacher encourages her very much.

She is in very big confusion because she loves writing. She always writes a diary.

One day she dared and tell her confusion to her parents.

Her parents are very tensed because they want to see her as a doctor. And they disagreed with her opinion.

She becomes very sad. She was thinking, why can’t her parents fill her colors and fill her dream?

But she dares up and takes action for her dream, but also trying to agree with her parents.

At last, she agrees with her parents and continues to struggle for her dream: In the night she writes stories and books, and when the power goes out she uses the lantern.

She faces many problems and challenges in pursuing her dream, but knows one fact:


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Kausar Thahim. In my childhood, I was a very silent girl. I didn’t speak very much in the classroom. But nowadays I am a very active student. I participate in many activities like speech, essay writing, quiz competitions, spelling competition, imaginary story writing, etc. I am a student of 10th class and soon will be promoted to 11th class. Because of coronavirus, our papers were canceled. My father is an engineer. Now he is doing a Master’s in engineering. I live in Khuzdar District in Balochistan University B.U.E.T.K., in Pakistan.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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