Another Thing I Learned From Not Killing Stephen King… Whaaaaat?

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.
& Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director, & Co-Star of the feature film, “You Can’t Kill Stephen King”, a film I produced with Ronnie Khalil

Why I Am Writing This

This is an amusing, but serious, account of the lessons I learned from 2008 – 2015 during the entire process of creating the feature film You Can’t Kill Stephen King, from conception, screenwriting, and fund raising to production, editing, Cannes!, and receiving checks from our agent for sales.… Read More

Proof That Your Foreign Language Vocabulary Probably Stinks — Take This Quiz!

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, ME, LLM
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc. (& The Fluency Project)

Here at the Break Diving Fluency Project, we recognize what most language schools do notone of the biggest reasons you can’t fully communicate in the foreign language you are studying is because you have a terrible level of vocabulary–wholly deficient.  Read More

The Big Decision Matrix, i.e. don’t make any big decision before reading this.

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.

If you have a big decision to make, don’t just make it on a hunch.

Instead, use something I created called “The Big Decision Matrix”.  It only takes about 5 – 10 minutes to set up, and when you’re done, you will be able to make a decision having considered all the possibilities.  … Read More

Psychology 101 (a joke)

Psychology 101: In a class on abnormal psychology, the instructor was about to introduce the subject of manic depression.

She posed this question to her students: “How would you diagnose a patient who walks back and forth screaming at the top of his lungs one minute, then sits down weeping uncontrollably the next?”

A young man in the rear raised his hand and suggested earnestly, “A football coach?”


This joke was originally posted by Break Diving board member Debbie Bordelon in our online community (sign up for free at… Read More

Introducing: Monroe Mann

Active members of our Break Diving community ( are recognized with a blog post all about that person, in interview format!  If you are an active member of our Break Diving Slack community or are currently enrolled in one of our awesome courses, we would love to brag to the world about you!… Read More


作者: Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, MBA, Esq
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.



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I am Now Officially a Coder!

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.

Well, I am officially a coder now!  I can actually officially say it without any crack in my voice!

I graduated from the Firehose program in June of 2017 and since then, have already launched my first app, and am hard at work at my second!… Read More

Ce Que J’ai Fait Ce Weekend

par Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.

Salut tout le monde!

Je voulais partager quelque mots avec vous pour que vous sachiez ce que j’ai fait ce weekend, haha.

Aujourd’hui, c’est dimanche.  Je suis à ce moment en Florida, aux états-unis.  … Read More