Never Make This Maddening English Language Mistake Ever Again – “Moral Support” vs “Morale Support”

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by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME
Founder, Break Diving, Inc.

It bothers me that 99% of native English speakers don’t even know proper English.

What am I talking about?

Often, I will hear someone say, “I was feeling sad, so my friend gave me some moral support.”  But think about the word ‘moral’.… Read More

中国文化小常识之【月饼】Moon Cake

By: Echo Yu in Suzhou, Chin


Moon cake is a traditional food eaten by the Chinese during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Generally it has a round shape, symbolizing reunion and happiness, which reflects people’s aspiration of family reunion. In ancient times, moon cake was made to worship the Luna on the Mid-Autumn Festival.… Read More