AngelFish – Episode 2 – Helping Gay Mare Capones in the Philippines to Expand Her Business

The following is a blog post written by Break Diving member Gay Mare Capones, in association with the YouTube episode of AngelFish of the same name. After you read this, also view the actual episode on YouTube!

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By: Gay Mare Capones
A Break Diver in the Philippines

Break Diver Gay Mare Capones

My name is Gay Mare Monis Capones.

I am 24 years old and I am currently living in Baguio City, Philippines. I graduated in Philippine Women’s University, Philippines majoring in Bookkeeping NC2.

I was born and raised in Itogon Benguet with only having a simple life. But growing up in a modern society that has a lot of trendings in social media made my growing stage different.

One thing I am fascinated with is “SELFIE” that was trending way back in the year 2015. When touch screen mobile phones were introduced in the Philippines, I always wanted one because I know I can use the camera for selfie. Every month and every year mobile phones are upgrading into a better quality of touch screen mobile phones.

Until then, I learned a lot of things how to use these mobile phones to have a better life. In the year 2018, when I was still had my wifi connection everyday, I am searching a lot of apps that I can use to edit all my selfies. Continuing my journey in the year 2019, I am a dining staff member at that moment and I was amazed at all of my boss’s art works like photography, paintings, and drawings. I thought about enhancing my skills in photography too because I know it is what I am good at. That’s why I pursued Artist – Photography – Level 1 as my first dive to get certified. I also have skills that I need to improve and pursue like writing (script and poetries), acting and arts. I did also fail in some projects way back in 2018, specifically in music videos and scripts.

Well, I accidentally deleted the script and tried to recover it from my files and even the copies I gave to my friends but it’s all gone.

By March 2020, everything has changed. I can continue all my photography and writing (except traveling), and I can work freely (as long as I follow all precautions and protocols. But this is the most pressured year I had in life. We need money to buy food on our tables. I need to to earn money for enough funds to pay my dues and bills.

Covid cases inside the Philippines are getting worse. Now we have even more strict protocols to follow.

Frustrations starts as the Covid came and I was just starting my career and planning to shoot a short video clip. Covid is also the reason why I have to stop planning about it and just now focusing on work at my jobs even though it was part time (until I decided to work full time).  Since our policy is no work no pay, I have to use all my skills I learn to have extra money.

I work at night as a call center agent and I had my E-Loading business called GCash. I joined some of the events here at and every time I am talking to all the staff members and community members, I become energized. I stayed here at because there are a lot of wonderful experiences I had in my life and I wanted to share to the community. I am motivated by members as well and I motivated some members also through poetry and positive inspirations I shared.

Recently, I received a message from Mr. Monroe and the staff members of that they had selected me for this  $50 Break Diving Dream Scholarship Grant. It is a great opportunity for me about that and I will be able to start funding my GCash account to earn at least 100-150php or 2-3 USD profit from selling a prepaid load for mobile phones. 

I am very thankful to Break Diving and to all the staff members. You are all generous, helpful, and supportive. Break Diving is a big blessing that I had in my whole life and I will pray for its success every day. God Bless Break Diving, and God bless all the members.


Great news!

It was 10:52 pm, and I received the money from Break Diving AngelFish! I was so happy that the money was directed my to GCash account! There is no need for me to go to the bank and check it.

Thank you Dr. Monroe and the team. I will absolutely reciprocate what has done. Not now, but someday.

Maybe I received this help because I always help people who are in need and I will certainly continue what I had started: “Helping others”.

I may not receive back from them but others will give that back and it’s you Dr. Monroe–someone like this.

I appreciate all the help coming from Me, my sister, and my friend want to express our gratitude towards Break Diving’s support. Break Diving will continue supporting us, and I will continue to support until its expansion all over the world. 

I always say that Break Diving saved me since the very first day I entered in the community. I am very excited that I will be also giving away money after Covid pandemic and I can’t wait for that.

I will end this with a nice quote:

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: My name is Gay Mare Monis Capones. I am 24 years old and I am currently living in Baguio City, Philippines. I am proud to be a Break Diver and hope you will join us too at

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