You Matter

By: Break Diving, Inc. Staff (With Monroe Mann)

Look at the title again.

This is something that everyone should say to him/herself every single morning:


Sadly, though, positivity towards oneself is something a lot of people neglect to do.

And yet, seeing and recognizing your self-worth is crucial. And as hard as it is to force yourself to recognize that, “YES, YOU MATTER!”, this will improve and become easier the more you force yourself to repeat: “I MATTER. I MATTER. I MATTER.”

In everything you do, even simple everyday tasks, you can never take yourself for granted. From simple tasks like carrying out your daily work responsibilities to complicated issues like relationships, money, and career, always remember: YOU MATTER.

Why do you matter? You matter because at work, people depend on you to get these tasks done. You matter in relationships because you’re one part of that puzzle. You matter because… you are you.

Every day, each one of us is making an impact on this world, and at a larger scale than we perceive. Think about this: what if you weren’t alive? How many amazing accomplishments would still have taken place? No matter what, certainly the world would be different, and in a lesser way, were you not here.

Please approach situations you encounter in life with this bigger sense of self-awareness: you have no true idea the impact of your presence. Your presence on this planet is a heck of a lot more important than you may realize.

Many people who we encounter in life, even for the quickest of seconds–THEY MATTER. Why? Maybe simply because of something small that we picked up unknowingly from them. A reminder of our own situation. A stimulus to think bigger. Who knows? But know this: every single stranger you meet, they matter, just like you matter to them–even if they don’t realize how important you are to their lives.

So, the next time you are sad, just know that everything you do is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, because at the end of it all, the most basic of trusts is the fact that: yes, you matter.

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