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Photo - Jonathan Cheever.jpgJonathan Cheever’s
Break Diving Ten 

1. Who are you in just a few sentences?

I’m Jonathan Cheever. A 12 year US Snowboard team Vet, a licensed Journeyman plumber, a husband, a traveler, citizen of Earth.  I am also a Break Diver.

Editor’s Note: Cheever is also a member of our Board of Directors.

2. What are your greatest accomplishments?

After nearly a third of my life on the US Snowboard Team, it’s difficult to not keep this snowboard related. I’m one of three US men to ever be ranked third in the world in my discipline, I’ve been a national champ, and I met my wife competing.  I also produced a documentary on my sport and am continuing to try and accomplish more with my life.


3. What are your biggest regrets and what have your learned? (You can’t say you don’t have any)

I regret that it took me as long as it did to be what I consider a critical thinker. I also believe that in my sport I wasn’t practicing with a deliberate goal until the last few years.

4. What do you feel is your mission in life?

My life’s mission in short is to leave the world better than I entered it. I believe the best approach, in my current lifestyle, is spreading knowledge, which is part of the reason I joined the board here at Break Diving.

5. How do you feel you can best help others?

Teaching people how to be informed. Informed and driven people are powerful.

6. Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

I would like to think I’ll still be healthy and competitive enough to be doing what I’m doing now.

7. How has Break Diving helped you personally?

Break Diving is the platform to spread and receive knowledge from individuals around the world, where members who have done it share their experiences with those who haven’t in order to help shorten the learning curves.  For me, Break Diving has helped me to give back, to help others who are trying to accomplish their dreams.

8. What things can you do undeniably better than most everyone in the world?

Install a toilet and slide sideways on a piece of plastic down ice.

9. In what areas do you think you could improve the most?

Foresight and planning is where I could use the most improvement. Ask my wife.

10. Got any projects or websites you want to promote?

All of my social media is –


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