Increase Your Chances of a Job Offer With These 3 Simple Tips

By: Break Diving

If you are interviewing for a new job, and particularly your dream job, there are THREE key things that you might want to do to close the deal. Let’s examine three key things that can help you make a better impression at your next interview.

            First: Dress accordingly. Most importantly, this does not necessarily mean that you need to wear a suit and tie. There are some industries that frown upon being overdressed, because they feel it shows desperation. If you wear a suit and tie to some job interviews, it may ruin any hopes of you securing the job. And nothing is worse than showing up to a job interview in a suit and tie that doesn’t fit you well, and if wearing a suit and tie matters to someone, they will notice that your suit fits you sloppily.

So step one: do some research as to what exactly to wear. This can be based on the type of company you are applying for as well as what the staff wear at work. Some good sources to gather this information might be a recruiter that set up the meeting, a colleague who works there, or scope out the organization through their online presence. If you cannot pinpoint the attire, however, overdressing might be your best choice. Overdressing is preferable to underdressing.

            Second: Be engaging throughout your interview and show that you care. Do your research ahead of time about the company. A lot of time, the interviewers will ask if you have ever heard of them or if you are familiar with what they do. This is your opportunity! Do not just blankly say yes. Use this opportunity to retell them the whole company backstory as if they were the ones being interviewed! This will show your enthusiasm about the company and put you on the short list of candidates up for the job.

            Third: It does not do you any good if you ace the interview but then cause difficulties by being difficult to get a hold of afterwards. Make sure you have some way of reaching the person you just interviewed with directly, and ideally, two different modes of communication. This is probably the most crucial thing that people forget as the interview is closing: how to get in touch with them again. This is particularly important because you should always write them an e-mail thanking them for their time, and try to personalize it by bringing up something that was discussed during the interview. Doing this shows that you have common courtesy and reasserts that you are interested in the job. This e-mail should be sent no later than 24-hours from that initial interview.

            Doing these key three things will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates in the market. We hope you get that dream job! And when you do, come join us in our online Break Diving community where you can share with others how it went and provide tips to others who are nervous about their big interview!

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