My Advice To Those In Show Biz – An Interview with Joe Franklin

Interview with Joe Franklin conducted circa 2008 by Break Diving Founder, Monroe Mann

My advice to those who aspire to a spot in the business that there is no business like (the entertainment field) is the following:

  • Get specific.
  • Do not hound everybody.   Instead, set your sites on one or two people and concentrate on those two.

When I was 15 years old, I pursued Eddie Cantor and the famous radio personality/disc jockey Martin Block, host of the “Make Believe Ballroom.”  They both became enchanted by my youthful vigor and persistence.  As a result, they both retained my services—I wrote radio scripts for Eddie Cantor and became Martin Block’s record selector.

People always asked me for additional advice.  I advise the following:

  • Don’t leave your wallet in the dressing room…
  • Don’t bump into the furniture…
  • And what’s your motivation?  Your motivation is your paycheck on Saturday night—work for it.

One last bit of wisdom might be to tell a few lies on your resume.  For example, back in the days when you were allowed to advertise cigarettes on television, I told my television viewers that nine out of ten doctors who tried Camels went back to women…  That remark got me censored off the air for a full week—quite a difference from today’s free wheeling on the media. [Editor’s Note: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!]

Yes, I single handedly created today’s wide open atmosphere and I hope that my good friend Howard Stern appreciates what I did for him.

This blog post was originally written for Monroe Mann’s internet celebrity talk-show, “Before the Big Break”, on which Joe appeared from his NYC office.

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