The Different Energies in My Nerves

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By: Gay Mare Capones
A Break Diver in the Philippines

We all want to change some aspects of our lives. We are looking for something different, a greater achievement, or something better. This yearning is the reason why we are moving forward with our lives in a positive way.… Read More

中国文化小常识之【月饼】Moon Cake

By: Echo Yu in Suzhou, Chin


Moon cake is a traditional food eaten by the Chinese during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Generally it has a round shape, symbolizing reunion and happiness, which reflects people’s aspiration of family reunion. In ancient times, moon cake was made to worship the Luna on the Mid-Autumn Festival.… Read More

Radhika Mahtani: Break Diving 10

Photo of Radhika

Full Name: Radhika Mahtani
Country of Origin: India
Current City and Country: Boston, MA

1. Who are you in just a few sentences, including some of your greatest accomplishments? I am a Data / Research Analyst. I currently work as a research volunteer at Northeastern University; at History UnErased, Inc; and at… Read More

Shree Patel: Break Diving 10

Shree Patel Photo

Full Name: Shree Patel
Country of Origin: USA
Current City and Country: Closter, NJ

1. Who are you in just a few sentences, including some of your greatest accomplishments? – I still believe I have a long way to go in terms of achieving my greatest accomplishments since I am young and have many years ahead of me.… Read More

You Matter

By: Break Diving, Inc. Staff (With Monroe Mann)

Look at the title again.

This is something that everyone should say to him/herself every single morning:


Sadly, though, positivity towards oneself is something a lot of people neglect to do.… Read More