Too Insignificant

By: Utkarsh Mishra

A Break Diver in India

[Edited slightly by staff editors for clarity, paragraphs, and spelling, but in general, the English and grammar remain in the style of the author.]

When you are sitting alone in your room, bored, you think that there’s nothing new happening around.

But in these few minutes:

A hundred kids were born.

A hundred people died.

Several people got murdered.

The Earth traveled more than 10,000 km around the sun.

The sun traveled a million miles around the galaxy.

A thousand stars were born and a thousand other died.

The whole universe expanded by a trillion more miles.

By the time you finished reading this, all of the events mentioned above would have already taken place.

While you sip on your coffee, hundreds of families are grieving over the death of someone they loved.

On the other hand, a hundred other families are bursting with happiness over the birth of a child.

For all we know, there might be a space war going on between two planets right now. That would be so cool! Except for the large loss of life of course.

So, even when your surrounding feels dull and boring, there’s always something taking place.

We are just too insignificant and small to experience it all.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hey, it’s Utkarsh. I am currently taking an online course on psychology and working to make a career out of it. I also love writing blogs and articles on anything I can find. College is still two years away. I would love to make a career of out of psychology or writing. I think I will do great in either of them.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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