Some Poetic Inspiration During This Pandemic

By: Abubakar Mubarak

A Break Diver in Nigeria

[Edited slightly by staff editors for clarity, paragraphs, and spelling, but in general, the English and grammar remain in the style of the author.]

I witnessed a dim-light over powered by darkness. A concrete evidence overtaken by a gibberish talk.

Greediness taken a step ahead of anticipation, what’s more to see?

The World is in a deep pit, sinking faster in an abnormal pace.

What we’ve feared has come to reality, evil has taken over thousands of heart, the door to hell is left cracked opened, we grinned and smirked when we were supposed to cry, the aftermath is here, the world order is now in reverse.  

The only vaccine that can cure this catastrophe is having the feeling that things will soon be back to normal.


Have hope but don’t just have hope alone — try and do whatever it is you can to make  a change to the world and be sure not to dwell in the tabloid junkies spreading around with irrational beings as its facilitator.

Have faith and believe we are in the middle of an infinite phase battle. After this, more will come and we really need to be ready for it but we’ll always resurface no matter what.

This isn’t just a battle for victory, it’s a battle for survival.

We all need to believe, Yes! Believe! 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Abubakar Mubarak is a Break Diver in Nigeria.

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash

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