Adversity is a Visitor to us All. And Resiliency is the Key.

by Tyrone Alcorn, Break Diving Staff (Accounting/Community)
Staff Sergeant, US Marine Corps

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

–Maya Angelou

Adversity is a visitor to us all.

It is not that we must escape the grasp of adversity, but we must prepare to meet it when it arrives. We must prepare our mind to overcome it, for with adversity comes pessimistic thinking. Pessimistic thinking leads to fear and anxiety; fear leads to doubt; and doubt leads to mental paralysis or even worst, depression.

During this state of fear and anxiety, much of our action toward progress is impeded or absent. The doubt in our ability or the fear of our failure can hinder our everyday actions. This doubt and fear can stop us from meeting new people, prevent us from communicating with the ones we are familiar with, and even keep us from talking positively to ourselves.

But we can’t let this fear constrain us. Because we are STRONGER.

The brain is stronger than we know. It can make us see pitfalls. It can make us see hurdles. It can make us see ALL the reasons why we can’t.

But you CAN.

You can literally do anything you make your mind up to do.

You’ve seen others do things you’ve never thought could happen, right?  But what does doubt do? It tells us that the person who succeeded must be special. That person must be gifted. That person must have something that we have to be born with (that we weren’t born with).


These are the thoughts of doubt, fear, and mental paralysis. This is what holds us back.


But what is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back or recover from a difficulty.

So why is resiliency so important?

It allows us to shape our lives.  It allows us to be stronger than the moment.  Stronger than the aftermath of adversity.

So how do we build resiliency?

It starts with YOU.

Your environment does not shape your mentality.  Your mentality can shape your environment.  But it all starts with you and your BELIEF.  You must believe that you are better.  You must believe that you can change your life.  The most powerful thing you can do to build resiliency is to… DO.  Yes, we can believe, but it does not matter unless we also do.

So, go do one thing that in a positive direction.  Continue to do those things in baby steps.  One step at a time.  Keep doing these things even when you have doubt, and even when you want to quit.

This is how we break through our mental barrier.

This is how we knock down our wall of doubt.

This is how we pave the path of resiliency.

One thing you must understand is that resiliency isn’t a place. You can’t live in a state of resiliency.  Resiliency is a path that you must walk.  There are times we walk the path of resiliency and see hurdles of adversity or hit walls of doubt.

We must break through those walls and jump those hurdles with DETERMINATION.


The path to resiliency doesn’t end with success, for success is just another pit-stop on the path.

Yes, it’s true: with increased success, there must by necessity be increased resiliency.  But make no mistake: there is no success without resiliency.

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