The Different Energies in My Nerves

By: Gay Mare Capones
A Break Diver in the Philippines

We all want to change some aspects of our lives. We are looking for something different, a greater achievement, or something better. This yearning is the reason why we are moving forward with our lives in a positive way.

There are two energies inside us. In the field of psychology, “positive energy” is a bundle of positive attributes such as a cheerful or optimistic attitude or having positive emotions and thoughts, while “negative energy” is all of our negative attributes, e.g. a person who stays in his or her comfort zone or stuck in that “comfort zone”, or a pessimistic person.

Looking back a year ago, I didn’t expect to see myself engaged with positive vibes, involved in activities outside my comfort zone. It didn’t come easily either: it required effort more than once, twice, or a few times until I got used to it. The different energies inside my nerves sometimes were positive and sometimes negative. But I had to keep going. I had to build my strength.

I admit it’s a challenge for a young “goal achiever” like me to do this. This idea of going after my dreams: I won’t hide the fact that I have doubts, I am afraid to do it, and I have too many excuses! This thinking: we cannot kill it, and if we don’t manage it, it acts like a virus, growing from a single small cell until it grows rapidly into an unmanageable mess. The idea to succeed and to try may seem terrific at first, but if we are not diligent, the positivity can escape and transform into a sudden rapid negativity.

No matter how many negative spirits I have to fight, at the end of each day, I still can feel my nerves awakening my body to try to do something great again on the next day. Every day I should train to control those negative energies and focus on the positive ones. You can do the same. You can dispel the negative energy and attract another positive energy level to motivate you to shake off the negative nerves and get up to follow the positive ones. I take all this positive and negative energy and release then both through my actions, using them both to achieve my goals. The end result: I observe magnificent results and finally see the significance of my actions.

Now I know, those energies in my nerves (both positive and negative) keep me moving for a greater achievement. The energies are pushing the nerves to make our body move to do something different; something different that we are ultimately satisfied with.

Take some time today to reflect from the start and grow up while moving. Build yourself a house of positive energies that can be a weapon we can release every time our energy starts falling into the negative.

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