Shree Patel: Break Diving 10

Full Name: Shree Patel
Country of Origin: USA
Current City and Country: Closter, NJ

1. Who are you in just a few sentences, including some of your greatest accomplishments? – I still believe I have a long way to go in terms of achieving my greatest accomplishments since I am young and have many years ahead of me. But so far, I am proud of reaching over 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, being a self taught web developer, and graduating college.

2. What was it about Break Diving that appealed to you and what surprised you the most? I loved the idea of diving headfirst and attempting to achieve my dreams no matter what the cost. Also, the fact that Break Diving aims to create a community that are trying to achieve the same dreams and creating a sense of camaraderie is what appealed to me when I decided to join Break Diving.

3. What was your life like before Break Diving?  Before joining Break Diving, I was confused and lost about my passions in life. I then realized after joining Break Diving that it is a life long journey to figure out those things and to keep trying to achieve the current goals that I do have. I was looking for a place where I can foster those dreams and be surrounded by like-minded people who care about your successes and more importantly, your failures.

4. How has your life changed for the better since becoming a part of Break Diving? Break Diving has given me the chance to become a better coder and marketer. Not only that, it has shown me how important it is to support the people who are trying to achieve the the things that I have learned and accomplished already. For example, after joining Break Diving I didn’t really know how to use Git, a version control system, used for coding. However, the incredible staff at Break Diving taught me how to use Git. A couple months later, we had new staff join that also didn’t know how to use Git. This time around, I was able to help and teach THEM how to use Git. That’s when I realized how important it is to learn and go after your goals but also how important it is to help those around you.

5. What are your biggest regrets over the years and what have you learned? Some of my biggest regrets are not taking advantage of the time that I have during the day. I know I can do so much more to achieve my goals but sometimes I struggle with procrastination and mismanaging my time. However, I also believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. Because of my struggles with those two things, I have paid attention to those problems. Slowly, I’ve been breaking out of those habits and getting better at taking advantage of my day. A part of it is credited to Monroe at Break Diving who taught me how to use the Pomodoro technique to better manage my day. I’ve noticed how much of a difference it’s made in my life and it keeps me excited for all the things I want to do in my life.

6. Where would you like to see yourself in five years?  In five years, I want to have reached 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. I also want to be a full stack developer who is good at designing and marketing as well!

7. How will being a part of Break Diving help you reach those goals? The community and staff at Break Diving keeps me going. They encourage me to not give up on my dreams and to keep working as hard as I can to get there. It’s inspiring because all of the staff at Break Diving are also trying to achieve their own goals and being surrounded with that kind of mindset has a positive effect on my own mindset.

8. How are you making the world a better place?  I am making the world a better place by learning and growing with Break Diving. I hope that my work here at Break Diving helps BD create the kind of positive community that the world desperately needs.

9. If you had to describe Break Diving to a friend, what would you say? Have you ever had a dream and had no idea how to achieve it? Have you ever felt that no one around you supported your wildest dreams? Break Diving is the place where you can find help on how to achieve your wildest dreams all while receiving an immense amount of support in your own city, in the world, and online!

10. What are some projects and websites you would like to promote?* I run a YouTube channel called Ami’s Cooking! If you are interested in delicious vegetarian dishes, predominantly inspired from Indian cuisine, I hope you can take the time to check out my channel!

The Break Diving 10 is a repeating set of the same 10 questions asked to members of that allows them to share with the world who they are, what they’ve accomplished, what their dreams are, and why they love Break Diving!

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