The Break Diving Cashflow & Investment Club Monthly Challenge # 1

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT
(Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc.)

Break Diving is all about helping individuals find and reach success.  For better or worse, success in our material world often involves money.  It’s undeniable: in most of our societies, unless you are already a multi-millionaire, an extra $10,000 would come in quite handy right now, right?

Well, just as our Fluency Project created The Fluency Project Monthly Challenge, we also wanted to do the same for our cashflow and investment club.

We’ve done a lot of research, and have undergone a lot of experimenting, and now we present to you:

The Break Diving Cashflow & Investment Club Monthly Challenge # 1

1. Read something new about finance and investment each month, even if it’s just 5 pages, and… take notes.  You can even re-read something you read before, because odds are, you didn’t absorb it all the first time. Each time, you should be refining your personal finance and investment plan.

2. Save at least $10 each month.  Note: I said “at least”.  $500/month still satisfies this.  It can be in a savings account, or even in a piggy bank.  Don’t worry about investing it right now.  Just save some money.  And don’t spend it!  I promise, you won’t miss it, but each month, you’ll see that savings count rise in value, and that’s gonna feel really really good.  Eventually, you will know what to do with it.  You may decide to keep it all in savings, move some to investments, or move all of it to investments.  But the first step is just to start saving it.  A little more riskier way of doing this would be to sign up with Acorns, but as long as there’s no market crash, this is as safe a way as any, and potentially even more convenient.  Read more on our blog: A New and Simple Way to Invest. Every Day. With Acorns & Roundups! Bottom line, you need to start building up your cash reserve.  Quick note: if you haven’t yet, check out YNAB (You Need a Budget).

3. Learn something new about (and take some concrete step towards) one of my I.N.V.E.S.T.O.R.  categories (to be explained more fully later in another post).  For now, just recognize that these are the ONLY ways you can become rich, aside from a 9 to 5 job, inheritance, and the lottery:

I. Intellectual Property
N. Never Touch Fund
V. Venture Capital
E. Education
S. Stock Market
T. Treasury Direct
O. Own Business
R. Real Estate

Think really hard how much you know about each one.  If you have no understanding of these topics, now is the time to start to learn.  If you’re already familiar, now is the time to become a master.  Pick one category each month, and attack it!  Note: each week, we discuss one of these categories in our cash flow and investment club live video club meetings.  Come join us!  The first one each month is always free!  Sign up at

Now, if you can do these three things every month, you will be doing more than 90% of people on this planet who claim to be trying to improve their financial situation.

Oh, and stop spending money on stupid things you don’t need! 😀

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