Break Diving 2017 Fundraiser: $350 Raised of $13,250

Great News: 7 supporters have now donated to our recently launched not-for-profit fundraising campaign!

Would you too like to support our 501(c)(3) charitable and educational causes?

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Where would your donation go?

  • Our monthly bank fees
  • Our web domains and hosting fees
  • Our online educational platform
  • Our online community
  • Repay our corporate creation loans
  • Additional marketing to advertise our blog, websites, classes, and community
  • Hiring of part-time staff members
  • Seed our disaster relief fund
  • Seed our educational scholarship fund
  • And more!

The $350 we have raised so far is a great start, but… it really is only the top of the iceberg.

Will you consider making a donation (even of $5!) today?

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NOTE: You can also become a patron by donating just $1/month!  You can get on the band wagon by clicking here:

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