SSS3: An Introduction to Triple ‘S’ Cubed.


That is pronounced Triple ‘S’ Cubed.

The three S’s stand for: Support, Scripture, Success.

As many of you know, Break Diving does have a Christian foundation.  And I have learned over the years that my life without Christ makes no sense whatsoever.

I tried for a long time to keep my ‘success’ and my ‘support services’ separate from the Bible, and what it teaches, but in the end, I realized something that was right under my nose the whole time: a verse from the Bible.

Mark 8:36.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

In other words, what difference would movie stardom make when in the end, I wouldn’t take it with me?  Who cares if I become a millionaire when not one bit of that ‘treasure’ would come with me into the great hereafter?

Further, I started to realize that often, when I am sad, my psychology PhD alone does not help.  Nor does typical rah-rah motivational inspiration, or hanging out with friends.  Often, I find that the only thing that removes my depression and helps put me back on the road to success is a gut-check reminder that I am not as great as I think I am, that I am not here to serve myself, and that I am not going to fall apart if things don’t work out just as I had hoped.  Where do I often find this type of gut-check?  The Bible.

As I once heard from someone, “It is best to stop living a self-centered life and start living a God-centered life.”  And when I heard that, at first, I was taken aback.  Me?  Self-centered?!  But when you think about it, if we are not living a God-centered life, then the only other life we can be living as a self-centered one.  And put like that, it helped me to realize that maybe I was living a self-centered life, and that ain’t good at all!  In fact, part of why I started Break Diving as a not-for-profit is that I realized I wanted to help people worldwide, regardless of their financial status–I did not want only those who could afford to hire me benefit from what I had to share.  Le voilà!  One step towards doing something that I believe God is proud of me for.

Now, take note: it’s 100% true that God wants us all to succeed and be happy and not suffer from depression.  That is without a doubt.  But he also knows that our unhappiness and suffering and depression often result from our refusing to listen to him, and through our doing our own thing, without regard for what God wants us to do.   As many have said time and time again, it is us humans who make our life on earth a living hell.

Well, when I am in that ‘living hell’, many times, I find that the easiest way to get me out of a depression is to simply talk to Jesus, asking him for direction, to help me fulfil the life that HE wants me to lead.  As is sometimes said, “Success lies not in achieving what you aim at, but in aiming at what you ought to achieve.”  So how do we discover what we ought to achieve?  Ask God.  He knows best what we should be doing with our lives.

What we think we ought to achieve is perhaps more often than not not what we think it is;  what we ought to achieve is what God is telling us and asking us to do, but which we–either deliberately or unwittingly–totally ignore.  In other words, as John Mason states in his book, “Be Yourself”, if we seek God first, all we really want will find us.

So what does this have to do with SSS3?

It’s simple: for me, as a motivational speaker and life coach, I realized that it’s foolish to focus only on the traditional notions of success, and traditional motivational and psychological support, without also including the wisdom and comfort and guidance found within scripture!  For so long, I kept those three S’s separate!  But no longer!

So that’s what Triple “S” Cubed is all about: combining traditional methods of promoting success through psychological support with the great comfort and inspiration found in the Bible.

Okay, but did you notice the above the three S’s?  That’s the cubed part.  You see, I believe that pursuing success alone is one road; seeking support alone is still another; and pursuing scripture alone still yet another.  But when you combine all three together–BOOM SHAKALAKA!–I truly believe the impossible can become possible.

God and Jesus really do want to see you succeed!  And be happy!  And find support, friendship, and peace!  And the best news of all?  The Bible has the answers to finding that success and support you seek!

So what are these SSS3 posts all about?  Simple: I’m hoping to provide some of that three-fold inspiration through these posts.

So if you liked this post, keep an eye out for upcoming posts that start with “SSS3”.  When you see SSS3 in the title, you will know that there’s an article waiting for you that we hope will give you three times the positive effect, by combining success, support, and scripture!

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