The Fluency Book – Plains (ANIMALS)

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc. & the Fluency Project

What is the Fluency Book?

Below are the most common Plains Animals that most native speakers in any language should know.  Fill in all the blanks with the translation.  Use a dictionary.  Then move onto the next list!  Every few months, come back, print it out again, and see how many you can remember.  When you can fill this out without looking at a dictionary, nice job!

ANIMALS    _________________

Plains Animals    ___________________

  • horse _______________________
  • buffalo _______________________
  • bison _______________________
  • antelope _______________________
  • ferret _______________________
  • pronghorn / antelope_______________________
  • bird _______________________
  • wild horse _______________________
  • wolf _______________________
  • elk _______________________
  • bear _______________________
  • dear _______________________

Related Words

  • camouflage  _______________________
  • exhaustion  _______________________
  • ear  _______________________
  • eye  _______________________
  • tail  _______________________
  • hoof  _______________________
  • claw  _______________________
  • wing  _______________________
  • fur  _______________________
  • hair  _______________________
  • tongue  _______________________

Related Verbs

  • to run  _______________________
  • to jump  _______________________
  • to drink  _______________________
  • to mate  _______________________
  • to hunt  _______________________
  • to evade  _______________________
  • to escape  _______________________
  • to get caught  _______________________
  • to get killed  _______________________
  • to hide  _______________________
  • to breathe  _______________________
  • to swallow  _______________________
  • to choke   _______________________
  • to stalk   _______________________

Related Expressions

  • to die of hunger  __________________________________________
  • to go extinct  __________________________________________
  • to be protected  __________________________________________
  • to hibernate  __________________________________________
  • to die of hunger  _________________________________________

Common Sentences

  • It must have been difficult living out on the plains in the 1800s, with no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and no protection from the animals. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Many people think that the buffalo and bison are extinct.  Other think they are the same animal.  However, both are mistaken.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • A pronghorn is the fastest land animal in North America.  Did you know that?   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • I just saw a great movie that combined my love of wild horses and also my fascination with prison life.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • On the plains, animals often hunt one another.  The prey do their best to evade, escape, and hide, but sometimes, they get caught, and get killed. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • It’s brutal out there.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are we missing any others that most native speakers know?  Let us know!  We appreciate your assistance as a volunteer!

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2 Replies to “The Fluency Book – Plains (ANIMALS)”

  1. In the second “Common sentence”, I think “Others” is a better choice than its singular form
    as the sentence is comparing groups of people which are plural.

    Preys are not commonly associated with “Evading” are they?
    welp just a gut feeling.

    1. Thank you for this feedback! Could you be very specific with your suggestions? We want to be certain we know precisely what your suggestions are! Thanks so much Lemi!

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