Want to master a foreign language? You need to learn all of these words and expressions!

by Dr. Monroe Mann, PhD, Esq, MBA, LLM, ME, EMT
Founder & Executive Director, Break Diving, Inc. & the Fluency Project

What is the Fluency Book?

Below are the most common Dinosaurs that most native speakers in any language should know.  Fill in all the blanks with the translation.  Use a dictionary.  Then move onto the next list!  Every few months, come back, print it out again, and see how many you can remember.  When you can fill this out without looking at a dictionary, nice job!

ANIMALS    _________________

Dinosaurs    ___________________

  • tyrannosaurus rex _______________________
  • brontosaurus _______________________
  • pterodactyl _______________________
  • raptor _______________________
  • stegosaurus _______________________
  • tricerotops _______________________
  • velociraptor _______________________
  • brachiosaurus _______________________
  • gigantosaurus _______________________
  • iguanodan _______________________
  • megalosaurus _______________________

Related Words

  • teeth _______________________
  • scales _______________________
  • wings _______________________
  • carnivore _______________________
  • herbivore _______________________

Related Verbs

  • to eat _______________________
  • to devour _______________________
  • to destroy _______________________
  • to fly _______________________
  • to swim _______________________
  • to survive _______________________

Related Expressions

  • to go extinct  __________________________________________
  • to be eaten alive __________________________________________
  • to only eat meat __________________________________________
  • to only eat vegetables __________________________________________

Common Sentences

  • Oh no!  The tyrannosaurus rex is going to eat me alive!   __________________________________________________________________
  • Don’t worry, it’s only a brontosaurus!  It’s a vegetarian!   __________________________________________________________________
  • Is it really true that dinosaurs once roamed the planet?  What a crazy thing!   __________________________________________________________________
  • The only dinosaur that I know of that flew was the pteradactyl.   __________________________________________________________________
  • Some think that dinosaurs evolved from birds, but others think there is no connection.   __________________________________________________________________

Are we missing any others that most native speakers know?  Let us know!  We appreciate your assistance as a volunteer!

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